A real Breakthrough in Video Streaming

Not just another Codec

On top of any known Codec

About us


All about a new way of video and image streaming

Our software decreases the size of digital video files with 50% to 80% WITHOUT loss of quality.


On top of any existing video streaming standard

This unique and revolutionary world-wide patented software enables to distribute 2 to 5 times more digital video content through the current infrastructures of content producers or providers and content delivery networks in the world. This results in substantial cost savings and creates interesting new product or market opportunities.    

Furthermore, Yamzz creates an excellent opportunity for higher quality digital video streams with larger resolutions at the same bit rates that are used today. For example, we are able to stream 4K/30fps content at 3 Mbps using H264!


Works in all enviroments

Our technology does not compete with any of the existing standards or codecs.   

We support existing and future codecs aswell HDR to perform much better in terms of bandwidth requirements for storage and streaming of digital video content.   

You easily embed our software in your current enviroment.   As an example, use your H264 encoders to stream 4K content by only using our software. 

We are able to add watermarking and High Secured Copy protection to our algorithms.