The Yamzz Algorithms

Raw video

Raw video

How does it work

Our software-applications are divided into two product categories called:   “N-Yam” (pre-processors) and “D-Yam” (post-processors).

N-Yam pre-processing

The N-Yam pre-processors can be easily installed on a capturing device by our client. It is just “plug and play”. It runs before the encoder of the standard CODEC that is used. When capturing SDI output (in SD, HD, 4K and 8K formats) the signal will be pre-processed delivered towards the encoder of the respective CODEC, all in real-time and without any noticeable latency. The compressed digital file can then be immediately streamed or stored within the existing protocols of the CODEC that is used by the customer.

D-Yam post-processing

Our D-Yam post-processing software must be placed after the decoder of the CODEC that is used on the receiving device. It will render a video after it is delivered to and decoded on such device (i.e. set-top-box, TV-set, smartphone or tablet). At this moment D-Yam software can be used in conjunction with Windows 7, 8 and 10, Windows Mobile, Linux, iOS, Mac-OS and Android. In many cases the software can be added to existing video players of multi-media devices by downloads through the internet. D-Yam is also available in a HTML5 version.

D-Yam can also be integrated in smart-TV platforms.


HDR10, HDR10+, Dolby Vision and HLG are supported in N-Yam and D-Yam.


If you would like to incorporate the Yamzz algorithms in your own environment we do have an SDK available 

What is needed by customers or users?

Our software can be integrated relatively quickly and easy in the standard   protocols of content producers, providers and carriers. No material   changes to their infrastructure and protocols are required.  

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