IBC 2018

Yamzz launches a breakthrough in Video Streaming during IBC2018  

4K/50fps in 6 Mbps with HDR support


Roosendaal, 22 August 2018. This new world-wide patented technology has been developed by Netherlands based Yamzz IP BV. The technology will be officially introduced during IBC2018, as a result of more than 8 years R&D.  

 Software only, 75% less bandwidth  

The technology is not a new codec, it is software that works on top of, and in combination with any existing video (streaming) standard, SD, HD, 4K, 8K. For the implementation of this new software, no change is needed in the organization or streaming environment. It’s only about algorithms, which are resulting in up to 75% less bandwidth or smaller files. Although considerably less bandwidth or storage is needed thanks to this software, the quality remains the same or even better.   

 Powerful Yamzz Software, 

  In all its Simplicity The Yamzz software is extremely easy to install and is completely “plug and play”. The software works with any known video standard: input formats from raw data to given container formats are implemented. Yamzz software works on any device used to view content (i.e. set-top-box, TV-set, smartphone or tablet). The technology is beneficial for everyone, B-to-B as B-to-C, from large broadcasting companies to smartphone users.   Broad Compatibility and positive real-world Tests   The software can be used in Windows 7, 8 and 10, Windows Mobile, Linux, iOS, Mac-OS and Android. It can be added to existing video players of multi-media devices via downloads (software upgrades) through the internet. Yamzz software can also be integrated in smart-TV platforms.    

Yamzz made its algorithms also available using HTML5 video.

The demand on higher mobility of video content across different platforms requires a solution that provides high degrees of scalability in spatial, temporal and quality domains. As Yamzz’ technology provides full embeddedness in these three domains, it is obviously a strong candidate for achieving such requirements.   


During the last months of 2018 Yamzz will introduce support for HDR10, HDR10+, Dolby Vision and HLG in the same transparent “plug and play” environment on top of all known video standards.


If you would like to incorporate the Yamzz algorithms in your own environment we do have an SDK available. 

About Yamzz  

Yamzz Holding B.V. and its wholly-owned subsidiaries, incorporated in 2016 and having its principal places of business in Roosendaal, The Netherlands, are engaged in the development and commercial exploitation of unique and revolutionary software specifically developed for storing, streaming, transmitting and displaying digital video files and for imaging data. Our technology is based upon extremely efficient algorithms and an invention protected by various patents and patents pending. It is a technological break-through that can be used globally in various industries, for example in the broadcasting, satellite, cable, surveillance or in the medical industry. Initially, we are focusing on the global multi-billion video streaming (online video) industry.   

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